Justice upon Vengeance

Binzak's Raid
In Which The Party Gets Dirty


I messed up. My plan almost killed my friend. I shouldn’t have left court. This is terrifying.

They showed up outside The Fallen Star yesterday, more goblins. By blasting a hole into the ground.

In the process of eliminating the goblins, we discovered their plan. The Sewers of Ironhold are an interconnected series of tunnels that are used by all of the various gangs to communicate and move around the city quickly and quietly. The goblins were using it to attack A Dark Crow’s Base. We entered into the sewers. Nei, it was disgusting. I don’t fit into sewers. I’m tall.

Enough complaining. We fought our way up to a junction. Entering into a wider opening, we found Binzak The Brutal and his guards. He was a short, squat hobgoblin wearing what I can only describe as the ugliest hat I’ve ever seen. It was around then that I had the worst plan of my life. Nei, I swear, I regret it. Just….don’t tell the others I messed up this badly. They can’t know. I sent Stry to his near death. I caused him to lose 3 fingers. I messed up. I signaled to him to position himself behind Binzak and assassinate him. Binzak noticed and nearly eviscerated Stry with a single axe throw. The Stars Above, Nei, there was so much blood. Binzak left his guards behind to get rid of us.

I managed to hop over the river of sewage, and stabilize Stry. Then Kurdran, Then Zath. We were heavily assaulted, bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins. It was a mess Nei. I fell in the river of sewage, almost ruining the robes The Elf Queen gave me… We fought hard, but nearly all of us were almost killed. I’ve never been more scared that I was going to die.  The Coldhands arrived and saved our collective ass.

The next area after our recovery was a larger chamber and we met up with Binzak again. He slaughtered an innocent Dark Crow in front of us. Again, sparing you the bloody details, we struggled to stay alive. It was then I did the second most stupid thing of my life, and let him stab me. Occultist Magic kicks in, and he was killed. It was bloody and awful Nei Nei. With our injuries, we made our way back to the surface.

Irik was…displeased to say the least with my sewage coated robes, and quite frankly, we stunk. We washed outside, and Irik gave me a replacement for my robes.

Neiran, I’m so ashamed. While we completed our goal of getting rid of Binzak, I almost killed my friend with a stupid plan. The Queen was right, I was never meant to be a player, only a pawn in a greater game. I feel feverish and tired, I’m exhausted. I’m going to go rest.


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Prison Riots
In Which The Party Starts A Riot

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I’ve been hearing rumors of what’s going on back home. I pray you, mom and Leth are okay. Please, if you can write me, contact me, just let me know you’re okay, please. I love you.

Things here got out of hand really quickly. It’s been a few weeks since this occurred, so pardon the hazy details. Life has been…insane. Anyway, right, prison riot.

Yeah, you heard me. Prison riot. After our night in the The Righteous Fist, we awoke, tired and uneasy, but made our way to Ironvault prison.

The original plan was to waltz into the prison using my diplomatic papers to get in and under the guise of Our Queen wishing to improve our own prisons. Then ask about Salazar, the guy we were here to speak to, under the assumption that he had information we needed about something stolen.

I emphasize, The. Original. Plan.

The first part went smoothly, we got in and got to Salazar, and found out some more history about the area and the current king. More on that later.

Next thing I know, Stry is gone, and the guards are suspicious of Zath and Kurdran. They left and went outside after trying to distract the guards from Stry’s distraction. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I went to speak with the Warden, Gertrude Flintfist. I received some information on The Organization of Ironvault Prison. My notes are attached. Information was gathered in part from another guard, Bulk Firefist.

One year ago, The Wereboar, a dwarf, murdered The King’s eldest son and attempted the murder of the second son. He was subsequently stopped caught and imprisoned in Ironvault Prison.

Six months ago demons were summoned on the trade caravan route. This was the first instance of demonic summoning in the area. Around the same time,The Wereboar escaped from prison, with the help of 4 other prisoners, one half orc, a dragonborn, a mage and a dwarf.

Four months ago, demons attacked another caravan.

Three months ago, more attack

Then two weeks ago the most recent attack until we were attacked upon arrival.

From what I gathered, these attacks aren’t crippling, but they’re probably building to something bigger. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked.

It was around then the explosion happened. Yep. Boom. I ran for it. I met up with Zath and Kurdran and we left. Just ran for it.

We met back up at the Fallen Star Tavern. That’s where Twitch comes in.

Twitch is a rather impressive half-orc. Standing at least a head over mine, with a blue mohawk and interesting engraved bands around his arms allowing him to use his punches as a catalyst to ‘punch magic’ into targets. Its terrifying.

He thanked us and gave us a heads up about The Forbidden Mines and some more information on the things I listed above. Some clarity in the subject.

As far as I could see, Ironvault has been quieted. There were riots in the prison earlier. I pray the guards are alright.

Its getting very dark, and I need rest. Good Night Nei, I’ll write again soon.

Ever yours,


Into The Mountain
In Which The Party Goes Places They Shouldn't.

Dearest Nei-Nei,

Finding time to write is getting difficult…I swear the only time I have to write is just before bed or just before dawn. I’m still alive, rest assured.

I’m staying at The Fallen Star Inn in Ironhold’s slums. Its an elven run bar, so it’s nice to see somewhat familiar looking faces. It’s weird to be the only elf around most of the time, but I guess that’s to be expected when you’re in a dwarven city.

The Bartender, Irik HollowBranch is a lovely man. Due to my connections to The Court he’s offered us free housing. I feel bad taking it but I intend to do my best to pay him back.

We heard about the tavern from the guards after the incident in the town square the other day. When we arrived, Irik seemed rather upset. Apparently, this city has a horrid goblin gang problem and they’ve been bothering Irik for ‘protection money’. Obviously, we weren’t going to stand for this. We waited until the awful little creatures showed their faces and neatly dispatched them.

They’re part of a gang called “The Gobtown Rummers”. Disgusting. Looks like we’re going to have to root them out of the city.

I think Zath might be onto what I am after the last few fights… maybe Kurdran too. It’s hard to tell with him sometimes. I’m not sure I can reveal what I am here. I’m still not sure if the Archmage is still angry about my outburst years ago, or if he’s still out to kick my ass for that one, or if somebody might kill me to pass on the powers. It’s scary Nei.

Anyway, the Gobtown Rummers look like they’re going to be a large pain in our collective ass. Irik was thankful we got rid of them for him, and was lovely enough to give us some information on what lies inside “The Mountain” or the nice part of town. So naturally, we did what classical storybook adventurers do. We decided to get inside come hell or high water.

We heard rumor from The Dark Crows that inside, we could get some information on the demon attacks from a dragonborn named Salazar. Unfortunately, he’s in prison. Because he’s an informant for gangs. Of course it can’t be easy.

On another note, of things I’ve heard about. The current king of Ironhold…I have my suspicions about this man. It sounds like to me, he had his brother killed by a man called The Wereboar, and gained power once his father passed. I might be paranoid, but I think he’s probably involved with this demon problem, however, I don’t possess evidence to make that assertion.

Right, sorry, back to the story. We had to find a way into The Mountain. The center of the city. Which is currently locked down due to the demonic attacks. I’m not sure how he heard about it, but Stry has a plan to get himself and Kurdran inside, without being seen. They won’t be questioned too hard because they’re a human and a dwarf. Zath and I are the problem. An old man and an elf aren’t exactly the norm in Ironhold. If we try and sneak in, we’re going to be questioned.

Zath and I approached the entrance to The Mountain. Planning to use my diplomatic papers to get us inside unquestioned. There stood two dwarven guards. The first one asked if we would submit to magic detection fields.

Zath and I.

The Necromancer and The Occultist.

Submit to magic detection fields.


Nei, I panicked. You know when I panic I act like mom. So…I threw a fit. Something along the lines of:

“Do you know who I am!? Do you know who I work for?! Do I have to call The Elf Queen down and tell her you’re disrespecting her favorite diplomat!?”

Honestly Nei, the look on his face was one of sheer terror. I feel somewhat bad, this poor dwarf was just trying to do his job, but I had to protect Zath. He said I could pass without scrutiny, but Zath would have to go through screening. I panicked. I blurted something about him being my ‘companion’ and that I needed to keep that ‘private’. Might have been the worst excuse in my life to date. It worked. That’s all I needed. Zath and I moved on quickly.

To date I still have no idea how Kurdran and Stry got through to the inner Mountain. I’m sure The Dark Crows have many ways to get into the Inner Mountain, but I have no idea how they managed it, I’m also partially sure I probably don’t want to know.  

Once inside, we met up with Stry and Kurdran, it didn’t take as long as I’d have thought to find them. I’d have preferred to get to Ironhold that day, but night was falling, and it wasn’t a good idea to attempt to speak with the prisoner that night. We found our way to a new tavern for the night.

The Righteous Fist. A Crusader Paladin bar, one of the prides of Ironhold. It’s the kind of reception I’m used to, but oddly enough it didn’t feel right. The Fallen Star had felt so much more familiar, so much more like home. It was a nice enough tavern, but packed wall to wall with Crusaders and Paladins, with the amount of clanking armor in there it’s a miracle anyone could hear themselves speak.

I can hear you nagging Nei, no, I didn’t try the wine there, I was too focused on not getting Zath and myself found out. Surrounded by Paladins and Crusaders, made for a night of rough sleep for me, and I’m sure for Zath as well.

The next morning found us at The Ironvault Prison. The plan was to use my diplomatic status to our advantage. I emphasize the words “the plan”.

To be truthful, I didn’t expect the plan to last long. I should have known bringing Kurdran and Stry with us would end badly.

But that’s my next letter dear brother.

Ever yours,


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The First Letter
In Which The Party Meets.

My dearest Brother Neiran,

It’s been a long time, I’m sorry I haven’t written. I haven’t had an imp to be able to send this to you. I know I can’t come home right now, and I’m not even sure you’re getting these journals but I swear to you I’m trying. I started writing down my adventures recently, so I apologize if they’re starting off vague and hazy; a lot has happened in so few days

The city of Ironhold, is where our story began. I may not be the best of storytellers, but I’ll attempt to do it justice. The city’s streets and formidable underground network hid a multitude of saviours and sinners. We were four people, newly arrived to this city, about to pick our side.

Though I hadn't met them yet, this is going to be a lot easier to understand if I introduce them now.

The first of my soon to be companions, was Doctor Zath Corvus. An older man, tall for a human, with dark hair, and a receding hairline. Though he displays very few signs of aging, I came to know Zath was almost seventy. While not excessively wrinkled, the signs of human aging are there. I can only accurately describe the thin man as birdlike. Thin, delicate features and well to be honest a rather beaky nose. It suits him though, as the raven always by his side completes the look. 

Claudia, the raven, is always with Zath and from what I can understand, they understand one another. She’s your standard raven, minus the green highlights to her feathers, and vaguely unsettling red eyes. All in all a lovely bird.

What can I say about Kurdran Wildhammer? I’d describe him as your typical dwarf, but he’s smarter than he looks. About 5ft tall, with shoulder length brown hair, and a belly length braided beard, Kurdran exemplifies “dwarf”. The large stone hammer he carries completes the image, and also strikes fear into my soul. To say he wields it proficiently is a vast understatement. Wildhammer indeed.

The Dark Crow thief, Stry… I’m not sure what I can say about him. A description is hard, as I don’t often see him. I mean that literally. He’s really hard to see most of the time.  

So, back to Ironhold. I’d just arrived in the city, the only elf around, and as per usual, sticking out like a sore thumb. The Crusaders were out in force, which I found troubling. Why were they here?

My explanation came in the form of Kurdran Wildhammer speaking to a rock. Yes, Neiran he talked to the rock, much like how I speak with the stars. He asked it how it was, and it asked for death. It was then that the magic signature spiked. Kurdran brought it to the attention of a guardsman, and well, the signature spiked again and exploded. Urg Blackhammer, a half orc crusader captain’s arm was blown off. Not exactly the best thing. Zath and I took a look at it, turns out the stone was a summoning circle. For demons. Not exactly how I planned my visit to Ironhold going.

Well, that’s when I actually met Zath and Kurdran, and well, I’m not going to lie to you brother, I figured out pretty quickly that Zath was a necromancer. He and Claudia are dead. Kinda. Sort of dead. I think. Okay, so I’m not 100% sure what they are but they’re not alive. How do I know they’re not 100% alive? Well, around the time a former crusader tried to shoot Claudia for it, I was pretty well assured. The good news is it missed Claudia. The bad news? It struck a guard. The okay news? He was forgeborn and not too badly injured. Zath,managed to patch the guard, who goes by Ingot, up.

Neiran, I know you hate libraries but the one in Ironhold is excellent. Inside Zath, Kurdran and I asked the lovely librarian, a rather mousy halfling, Niva Lima, for information regarding summoning circles, and Kurdran asking about the name Wildhammer.

Well the worst was to be expected, it’s me after all. The circles weren’t de-activated with the explosion. No, they were charging. Lucky us. We tried to make a ritual, that would stop it. We needed components. As Zath and I prepared to head back to the Center, a man dropped from the ceiling. Neiran, he fell out of the air. One moment silent library, the next…there's a man on my table. Believe it or not, he had a bag of exactly the components we had been discussing and needed. He’d been spying on us. Upon interrogation, we found out his name was Stry and he wanted to help us with that. Then he was gone, again. Shaking that off, Kurdran, Zath and I went to complete the ritual.

Yet again Nei, my pride got in the way. Berel Brightaze, high magus of Ironhold and captain of the Mountain Guard told Zath and I we didn’t know enough to do this ritual. How Rude. We argued. I wish I could say I won, but well, it was about then that the Circle activated and demons poured forth.

Zath, Kurdran and I began to prepare to fight when we were surprised by Stry appearing, a halo on his head, attacking, and killing a demon before vanishing again. He was simply…gone.The rest of us began the fight in earnest, and in short order, the rest of the demons fell as well. 

Its getting late here Nei, and Zath wishes to go to bed. Its time to snuff out the candle so he can sleep.  I’ll leave this letter here. My dear brother, I’m fine, this journey won’t break me. I love and miss you all, and I hope that I’ll be able to come home someday soon; until then, I promise I’ll keep writing.

Your Loving Brother,




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