Justice upon Vengeance

Binzak's Raid

In Which The Party Gets Dirty


I messed up. My plan almost killed my friend. I shouldn’t have left court. This is terrifying.

They showed up outside The Fallen Star yesterday, more goblins. By blasting a hole into the ground.

In the process of eliminating the goblins, we discovered their plan. The Sewers of Ironhold are an interconnected series of tunnels that are used by all of the various gangs to communicate and move around the city quickly and quietly. The goblins were using it to attack A Dark Crow’s Base. We entered into the sewers. Nei, it was disgusting. I don’t fit into sewers. I’m tall.

Enough complaining. We fought our way up to a junction. Entering into a wider opening, we found Binzak The Brutal and his guards. He was a short, squat hobgoblin wearing what I can only describe as the ugliest hat I’ve ever seen. It was around then that I had the worst plan of my life. Nei, I swear, I regret it. Just….don’t tell the others I messed up this badly. They can’t know. I sent Stry to his near death. I caused him to lose 3 fingers. I messed up. I signaled to him to position himself behind Binzak and assassinate him. Binzak noticed and nearly eviscerated Stry with a single axe throw. The Stars Above, Nei, there was so much blood. Binzak left his guards behind to get rid of us.

I managed to hop over the river of sewage, and stabilize Stry. Then Kurdran, Then Zath. We were heavily assaulted, bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins. It was a mess Nei. I fell in the river of sewage, almost ruining the robes The Elf Queen gave me… We fought hard, but nearly all of us were almost killed. I’ve never been more scared that I was going to die.  The Coldhands arrived and saved our collective ass.

The next area after our recovery was a larger chamber and we met up with Binzak again. He slaughtered an innocent Dark Crow in front of us. Again, sparing you the bloody details, we struggled to stay alive. It was then I did the second most stupid thing of my life, and let him stab me. Occultist Magic kicks in, and he was killed. It was bloody and awful Nei Nei. With our injuries, we made our way back to the surface.

Irik was…displeased to say the least with my sewage coated robes, and quite frankly, we stunk. We washed outside, and Irik gave me a replacement for my robes.

Neiran, I’m so ashamed. While we completed our goal of getting rid of Binzak, I almost killed my friend with a stupid plan. The Queen was right, I was never meant to be a player, only a pawn in a greater game. I feel feverish and tired, I’m exhausted. I’m going to go rest.


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