Tag: helpful npc


  • Twitch

    The Party met Twitch upon [[:andrew | Maverick (Stry)]] releasing him from prison. He proceeded to start a riot and give the group vital information on the current situation with the city of Ironhold. A known sorcerer, the group has seen him use fire …

  • Nyx

    Nyx is, as of yet, currently unknown to the party. A talented thief, proficient in Shadow Walking, Nyx is a shrewd man ready to do anything to make his gang better.

  • Niva Lima

    A mousy little halfling, Niva knows the library like the back of her hand. Doesn't really question when you ask for weird things.

  • Kristor Axehand

    The silent bartender at [[Fallen Star Tavern | Fallen Star Tavern]]. A thick scar runs across his throat, rendering him unable to speak. Kristor communicates entirely through rapping morse code onto the bar.

  • Kaliah Forgehammer

    A tough dwarven Paladin, Kaliah was single handedly dealing with several members of the Gobtown Rummers. She offered her help to the party, despite their reluctance to take on a Paladin due to [[:micah | Zath's]] uh, undead tendencies. She assured them …

  • Rudah Forgehammer

    Father of [[:kaliah-forgehammer | Kaliah Forgehammer]] and pretty much the most badass dwarf we've come across. He's got a hammer that seems to contain the holy flames of his goddess. One-shotted two goblins in one hit. It was impressive. Wield's the …