Justice upon Vengeance

Into The Mountain

In Which The Party Goes Places They Shouldn't.

Dearest Nei-Nei,

Finding time to write is getting difficult…I swear the only time I have to write is just before bed or just before dawn. I’m still alive, rest assured.

I’m staying at The Fallen Star Inn in Ironhold’s slums. Its an elven run bar, so it’s nice to see somewhat familiar looking faces. It’s weird to be the only elf around most of the time, but I guess that’s to be expected when you’re in a dwarven city.

The Bartender, Irik HollowBranch is a lovely man. Due to my connections to The Court he’s offered us free housing. I feel bad taking it but I intend to do my best to pay him back.

We heard about the tavern from the guards after the incident in the town square the other day. When we arrived, Irik seemed rather upset. Apparently, this city has a horrid goblin gang problem and they’ve been bothering Irik for ‘protection money’. Obviously, we weren’t going to stand for this. We waited until the awful little creatures showed their faces and neatly dispatched them.

They’re part of a gang called “The Gobtown Rummers”. Disgusting. Looks like we’re going to have to root them out of the city.

I think Zath might be onto what I am after the last few fights… maybe Kurdran too. It’s hard to tell with him sometimes. I’m not sure I can reveal what I am here. I’m still not sure if the Archmage is still angry about my outburst years ago, or if he’s still out to kick my ass for that one, or if somebody might kill me to pass on the powers. It’s scary Nei.

Anyway, the Gobtown Rummers look like they’re going to be a large pain in our collective ass. Irik was thankful we got rid of them for him, and was lovely enough to give us some information on what lies inside “The Mountain” or the nice part of town. So naturally, we did what classical storybook adventurers do. We decided to get inside come hell or high water.

We heard rumor from The Dark Crows that inside, we could get some information on the demon attacks from a dragonborn named Salazar. Unfortunately, he’s in prison. Because he’s an informant for gangs. Of course it can’t be easy.

On another note, of things I’ve heard about. The current king of Ironhold…I have my suspicions about this man. It sounds like to me, he had his brother killed by a man called The Wereboar, and gained power once his father passed. I might be paranoid, but I think he’s probably involved with this demon problem, however, I don’t possess evidence to make that assertion.

Right, sorry, back to the story. We had to find a way into The Mountain. The center of the city. Which is currently locked down due to the demonic attacks. I’m not sure how he heard about it, but Stry has a plan to get himself and Kurdran inside, without being seen. They won’t be questioned too hard because they’re a human and a dwarf. Zath and I are the problem. An old man and an elf aren’t exactly the norm in Ironhold. If we try and sneak in, we’re going to be questioned.

Zath and I approached the entrance to The Mountain. Planning to use my diplomatic papers to get us inside unquestioned. There stood two dwarven guards. The first one asked if we would submit to magic detection fields.

Zath and I.

The Necromancer and The Occultist.

Submit to magic detection fields.


Nei, I panicked. You know when I panic I act like mom. So…I threw a fit. Something along the lines of:

“Do you know who I am!? Do you know who I work for?! Do I have to call The Elf Queen down and tell her you’re disrespecting her favorite diplomat!?”

Honestly Nei, the look on his face was one of sheer terror. I feel somewhat bad, this poor dwarf was just trying to do his job, but I had to protect Zath. He said I could pass without scrutiny, but Zath would have to go through screening. I panicked. I blurted something about him being my ‘companion’ and that I needed to keep that ‘private’. Might have been the worst excuse in my life to date. It worked. That’s all I needed. Zath and I moved on quickly.

To date I still have no idea how Kurdran and Stry got through to the inner Mountain. I’m sure The Dark Crows have many ways to get into the Inner Mountain, but I have no idea how they managed it, I’m also partially sure I probably don’t want to know.  

Once inside, we met up with Stry and Kurdran, it didn’t take as long as I’d have thought to find them. I’d have preferred to get to Ironhold that day, but night was falling, and it wasn’t a good idea to attempt to speak with the prisoner that night. We found our way to a new tavern for the night.

The Righteous Fist. A Crusader Paladin bar, one of the prides of Ironhold. It’s the kind of reception I’m used to, but oddly enough it didn’t feel right. The Fallen Star had felt so much more familiar, so much more like home. It was a nice enough tavern, but packed wall to wall with Crusaders and Paladins, with the amount of clanking armor in there it’s a miracle anyone could hear themselves speak.

I can hear you nagging Nei, no, I didn’t try the wine there, I was too focused on not getting Zath and myself found out. Surrounded by Paladins and Crusaders, made for a night of rough sleep for me, and I’m sure for Zath as well.

The next morning found us at The Ironvault Prison. The plan was to use my diplomatic status to our advantage. I emphasize the words “the plan”.

To be truthful, I didn’t expect the plan to last long. I should have known bringing Kurdran and Stry with us would end badly.

But that’s my next letter dear brother.

Ever yours,


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