Justice upon Vengeance

Prison Riots

In Which The Party Starts A Riot

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I’ve been hearing rumors of what’s going on back home. I pray you, mom and Leth are okay. Please, if you can write me, contact me, just let me know you’re okay, please. I love you.

Things here got out of hand really quickly. It’s been a few weeks since this occurred, so pardon the hazy details. Life has been…insane. Anyway, right, prison riot.

Yeah, you heard me. Prison riot. After our night in the The Righteous Fist, we awoke, tired and uneasy, but made our way to Ironvault prison.

The original plan was to waltz into the prison using my diplomatic papers to get in and under the guise of Our Queen wishing to improve our own prisons. Then ask about Salazar, the guy we were here to speak to, under the assumption that he had information we needed about something stolen.

I emphasize, The. Original. Plan.

The first part went smoothly, we got in and got to Salazar, and found out some more history about the area and the current king. More on that later.

Next thing I know, Stry is gone, and the guards are suspicious of Zath and Kurdran. They left and went outside after trying to distract the guards from Stry’s distraction. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I went to speak with the Warden, Gertrude Flintfist. I received some information on The Organization of Ironvault Prison. My notes are attached. Information was gathered in part from another guard, Bulk Firefist.

One year ago, The Wereboar, a dwarf, murdered The King’s eldest son and attempted the murder of the second son. He was subsequently stopped caught and imprisoned in Ironvault Prison.

Six months ago demons were summoned on the trade caravan route. This was the first instance of demonic summoning in the area. Around the same time,The Wereboar escaped from prison, with the help of 4 other prisoners, one half orc, a dragonborn, a mage and a dwarf.

Four months ago, demons attacked another caravan.

Three months ago, more attack

Then two weeks ago the most recent attack until we were attacked upon arrival.

From what I gathered, these attacks aren’t crippling, but they’re probably building to something bigger. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked.

It was around then the explosion happened. Yep. Boom. I ran for it. I met up with Zath and Kurdran and we left. Just ran for it.

We met back up at the Fallen Star Tavern. That’s where Twitch comes in.

Twitch is a rather impressive half-orc. Standing at least a head over mine, with a blue mohawk and interesting engraved bands around his arms allowing him to use his punches as a catalyst to ‘punch magic’ into targets. Its terrifying.

He thanked us and gave us a heads up about The Forbidden Mines and some more information on the things I listed above. Some clarity in the subject.

As far as I could see, Ironvault has been quieted. There were riots in the prison earlier. I pray the guards are alright.

Its getting very dark, and I need rest. Good Night Nei, I’ll write again soon.

Ever yours,




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