Justice upon Vengeance

The First Letter

In Which The Party Meets.

My dearest Brother Neiran,

It’s been a long time, I’m sorry I haven’t written. I haven’t had an imp to be able to send this to you. I know I can’t come home right now, and I’m not even sure you’re getting these journals but I swear to you I’m trying. I started writing down my adventures recently, so I apologize if they’re starting off vague and hazy; a lot has happened in so few days

The city of Ironhold, is where our story began. I may not be the best of storytellers, but I’ll attempt to do it justice. The city’s streets and formidable underground network hid a multitude of saviours and sinners. We were four people, newly arrived to this city, about to pick our side.

Though I hadn't met them yet, this is going to be a lot easier to understand if I introduce them now.

The first of my soon to be companions, was Doctor Zath Corvus. An older man, tall for a human, with dark hair, and a receding hairline. Though he displays very few signs of aging, I came to know Zath was almost seventy. While not excessively wrinkled, the signs of human aging are there. I can only accurately describe the thin man as birdlike. Thin, delicate features and well to be honest a rather beaky nose. It suits him though, as the raven always by his side completes the look. 

Claudia, the raven, is always with Zath and from what I can understand, they understand one another. She’s your standard raven, minus the green highlights to her feathers, and vaguely unsettling red eyes. All in all a lovely bird.

What can I say about Kurdran Wildhammer? I’d describe him as your typical dwarf, but he’s smarter than he looks. About 5ft tall, with shoulder length brown hair, and a belly length braided beard, Kurdran exemplifies “dwarf”. The large stone hammer he carries completes the image, and also strikes fear into my soul. To say he wields it proficiently is a vast understatement. Wildhammer indeed.

The Dark Crow thief, Stry… I’m not sure what I can say about him. A description is hard, as I don’t often see him. I mean that literally. He’s really hard to see most of the time.  

So, back to Ironhold. I’d just arrived in the city, the only elf around, and as per usual, sticking out like a sore thumb. The Crusaders were out in force, which I found troubling. Why were they here?

My explanation came in the form of Kurdran Wildhammer speaking to a rock. Yes, Neiran he talked to the rock, much like how I speak with the stars. He asked it how it was, and it asked for death. It was then that the magic signature spiked. Kurdran brought it to the attention of a guardsman, and well, the signature spiked again and exploded. Urg Blackhammer, a half orc crusader captain’s arm was blown off. Not exactly the best thing. Zath and I took a look at it, turns out the stone was a summoning circle. For demons. Not exactly how I planned my visit to Ironhold going.

Well, that’s when I actually met Zath and Kurdran, and well, I’m not going to lie to you brother, I figured out pretty quickly that Zath was a necromancer. He and Claudia are dead. Kinda. Sort of dead. I think. Okay, so I’m not 100% sure what they are but they’re not alive. How do I know they’re not 100% alive? Well, around the time a former crusader tried to shoot Claudia for it, I was pretty well assured. The good news is it missed Claudia. The bad news? It struck a guard. The okay news? He was forgeborn and not too badly injured. Zath,managed to patch the guard, who goes by Ingot, up.

Neiran, I know you hate libraries but the one in Ironhold is excellent. Inside Zath, Kurdran and I asked the lovely librarian, a rather mousy halfling, Niva Lima, for information regarding summoning circles, and Kurdran asking about the name Wildhammer.

Well the worst was to be expected, it’s me after all. The circles weren’t de-activated with the explosion. No, they were charging. Lucky us. We tried to make a ritual, that would stop it. We needed components. As Zath and I prepared to head back to the Center, a man dropped from the ceiling. Neiran, he fell out of the air. One moment silent library, the next…there's a man on my table. Believe it or not, he had a bag of exactly the components we had been discussing and needed. He’d been spying on us. Upon interrogation, we found out his name was Stry and he wanted to help us with that. Then he was gone, again. Shaking that off, Kurdran, Zath and I went to complete the ritual.

Yet again Nei, my pride got in the way. Berel Brightaze, high magus of Ironhold and captain of the Mountain Guard told Zath and I we didn’t know enough to do this ritual. How Rude. We argued. I wish I could say I won, but well, it was about then that the Circle activated and demons poured forth.

Zath, Kurdran and I began to prepare to fight when we were surprised by Stry appearing, a halo on his head, attacking, and killing a demon before vanishing again. He was simply…gone.The rest of us began the fight in earnest, and in short order, the rest of the demons fell as well. 

Its getting late here Nei, and Zath wishes to go to bed. Its time to snuff out the candle so he can sleep.  I’ll leave this letter here. My dear brother, I’m fine, this journey won’t break me. I love and miss you all, and I hope that I’ll be able to come home someday soon; until then, I promise I’ll keep writing.

Your Loving Brother,





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