Ven Landry

Occultist for the Court of Stars.


One Unique Thing:

Stargazer – The Stars speak to Ven, and casting causes his freckles to light up as constellations.

Icon Relationships:

Elf Queen: +2
Archmage: 1

Below are listed as Modifier + Level
Strength +1
Constitution +4
Dexterity +5
Intelligence +3
Wisdom +3
Charisma +3
AC: 14
PD: 13
MD: 13

Base HP 36
Recoveries 9

Magic Scholar +3
Diplomat +3
Caretaker +2

Class Features:
Arcane Implements
Delayed Healing

Spells and Class Talents:

Hewer of Truth:
Use INT instead of STR for Attack roll
Use WIS instead of STR for Damage Roll
When Ven hits an enemy engaged with him with any spell, enemy takes Ven’s Melee Miss DMG in ongoing damage.
Twice per day when an enemy engaged with you misses you with an attack you deal Ongoing dgm equal to WIS modifier + level as you slash with your dagger.

Brain-Melting Secrets:
When Ven hits with a psy damage one target of that attack cannot attack Him on their next turn this battle, unless Ven is the only enemy nearby.

Otherworld Shadow:
Once Per Day as an Interrupt action negate all damage and effects from an enemy’s attacks against you that turn.

Clarification on Usage:
Using this talent, means you can avoid damage from 1 monster’s multiple attacks, if it has them. It also works against a mook mob working on the same initiative count, but not attacks from multiple non-mook monsters.

+1 total recoveries.

Warp Flesh:
If Ven casts a spell that targets MD and the target has higher MD than PD then the attack targets PD instead. It then deals Force DMG instead of its normal type.

CQ: Close Quarters
LD: Long Distance
TG: Target
TR: Trigger
ATK: Attack
Hit: uh, Hit.
EF: Expend Focus
AW: At Will
QA: Quick Action
IA: Interrupt Action
RF: Retain Focus Range
MS: Miss
PSY: Psychic
FRC: Force
NA: Normal Action
OG: Ongoing Damage

EXAMPLE: Damage Type – Recharge
Range – Action – At will/Expend Focus?
Retain Focus

Gain Focus:
NA – Gain Focus

Karmic Rebuke: PSY DMG
CQ – QA – AW
TG: One Enemy
ATT: Int + LVL vs MD
HIT: 1d6 + WIS

Bitter Lessons: PSY DMG – 16+
CQ – IA – EF
TR: Nearby Enemy Misses an ATK
TG: Attacking Enemy
ATK: Int + Lvl vs MD
HIT: 2d6 + WIS. Ally gains same in TEMP HP
MS: 1/2 DMG to TG 1/2 DMG to VEN
RF: 1-15

Inevitable Fall: PSY DMG – 16+
CQ – IA – EF
TR: Ally attacks – Misses Enemy
TG: Missed Enemy
ATK: Int+ Lvl vs MD
HIT: 4d8 + WIS + 5 ongoing.
MS: 5 ongoing PSY DMG
RF: 1-5

Moment of Karma: PSY DMG – AT WILL
TR: Ven is hit with an ATK
TG: The Attacker
ATK: Int + Lvl vs MD
HIT: 3d6 + WIS
MS: DMG equal to Spell Lvl.
RF: 1-5

Better Yet, Here: AT WILL
TR: Ally Hits but NOT CRITS
TG: The Enemy hit
ATK: Int + Lvl vs MD
HIT: 2d6 + WIS extra dmg (If I crit, double the dmg I add.)
MS: Tg takes extra dmg from the hit equal to the Spell lvl
RF: 1-5


Ven-Gao Arikos Artlethan I’nan Kuronos Heijoeon Gaelin Landry, Occultist for The Court of Stars, Advisor of The Elf Queen, Grand Invoker of The Arcane Menagerie, Knower of Forbidden Knowledges, Star-Speaker, Paragon of The Arcane, Seeker of Knowledges Unknown, and Summoner of Horrors.

Or just Ven.

Born of the High Elven Bloodline, Ven-Gao is the younger twin born to Avani Ilinsyraras. From moment of his birth, Ven was an elven pariah. With fair freckle-covered skin, blue eyes and raven black hair, his coloration was vastly different from his twin Neiran who has darker skin, green eyes and blonde hair.
Both boys grew up in the care of Avani and their community. Healthy boys with a love of nature and both afflicted with wanderlust, the twins grew up happily and seemed set in their desires. Ven to perform weddings, and Neiran to grow flowers and gardens.
In their early teen years, the power of the Occultist destroyed their dreams of living a quiet life. With the slow death of Oratriel Neni, the power of Occultism passed onto its next host; Ven.
The first signs of his new powers were Ven’s eyes dimming. His eyes once glowed brightly like the others, but over time they dimmed to a bare glow, only visible very late at night in very dark places. It bothered Ven, but he shook off the feeling.
Weeks later, at the moment of Oratriel’s death, Ven’s powers manifested. They manifested with an ability to see every diverging path of reality overlapping at once. It terrified young Ven, and drove him to the brink of insanity. Ven is unaware of what happened to him for the next few years until he was able to wrest control of his powers. When he snapped into the correct reality, Ven found himself in the Elf Queen’s court as her pet mage. The sudden transition did not phase the young elf, as he’d seen this as a possibility. Despite that, he was still afraid of the court, and thusly adopted his current attitude, of acting superior to everyone in the hope that nobody will notice he has absolutely no idea what’s going on.
After many years in The Court of Stars The Elf Queen approached Ven, and asked him to go study the world. Ven obliged and along the early stages of his travel, a new power came to him. The stars began to speak to him. They told Ven of things they’d observed, of things that were happening back home, and so on. Soon after that when Ven spoke to them, and whenever he cast, his freckles lit up in tiny brilliant constellations.
Upon crossing the sea and landing in Ironhold, Ven did not know what to expect.

Two weeks later he emerged from the sewers covered in goblin bits and sewage. It wasn’t what he expected at all.

Ven Landry

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