Neiran Landry

Ven's Twin


High Elf


Fraternal twin to Ven Landry and other son of Avani Ilinsyraras. Nerian looks to be a color swapped Ven. Nerian looks to be a very traditional looking High Elf at first glance, the only difference being his multitude of freckles. Nerian and Ven were close as children, only growing apart after the manifestation of Ven’s Occultist powers, both bonding over their love of nature. When Ven’s powers manifested, Nerian was devastated at the separation from his twin. He wrote Ven often and when lucid, Ven responded. Nerian now lives and works in a Wood-Elf community cultivating flowers and performing marriages. When at home, Ven visits when allowed.

Neiran Landry

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